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Monday 23 January 2012

R. W. The Regional Grand Master Visits the Lodge

Sunday the 22nd of January, 2012 was a golden-letter day for Lodge Gomantak No. 248.

On that day. W. Bro. Retna Raj Sushil Raj, P.A.G.M, R. W. the Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India attended the regular meeting of the Lodge, along with his officers. He was accompanied by W. Bro. Yashkaran Singh, the Assistant Regional Grand Master of North Karnataka Area, W. Bro. A. B. Bhalerao, Regional Grand Director of Ceremonies and other officers who formed his deputation.

R.W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj was received into the Lodge in procession as per protocol, and welcomed by the W. Master, W. Bro. Devidas Borkar. He was also unanimously elected an Honorary Member of the Lodge.

R. W. the Regional Grand Master then occupied the Eastern Chair and conducted the ceremony for raising Bro. Anthony Fernandes to the sublime degree of Master Mason.

He was ably assisted by his officers who replaced the regular Lodge officers in conducting the ceremony.

All visiting brethren and brethren of the Lodge were impressed by the exemplary manner in which the entire ceremony was performed. It was indeed a memorable occasion for the Lodge and for Bro. Anthony Fernandes who had the privilege of being raised by R. W. the Regional Grand Master.

In his address, R.W. the Regional Grand Master expressed his happiness with the arrangements for the meeting in particular and for the activities of the Lodge in general. He also expressed the hope that the Lodge Temple would be ready soon, and exhorted the brethren to interact with the local community for a better image of Freemasonry. He extended his hand of assistance to the Lodge if required in the Temple project or any other undertaking of the Lodge.

Distinguished visitors who attended the meeting included W. Bro. Ray Smith of Lodge Royal St. Edmunds No.008, W. Bro. John Scotney of Lodge Dr. Oliver No.3964, W. Bro. John Cox of Lodge Southius No. 8774, all under the United Grand Lodge of England, Bro. Austin Ellis of Lodge Salfire No. 1505 under Scottish Constitution and W. Bro. Francisco Vares Machado of Lodge Camoes No.15 and the Grand Ambassador of the Grand Lodge Regular of Portugal.

During the fellowship which followed the formal meeting and which was enjoyed by all present, R. W. the Regional Grand Master interacted with the visitors and brethren of Lodge Gomantak. The brethren departed with very happy memories of the eventful evening.