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Tuesday 23 December 2014

Open House (White Table Event) Organized By Lodge Gomantak No. 248 on 20th December, 2014

After the Regular Lodge Meeting of Lodge Gomantak No. 248 on 20th December 2014, an Open House (White Table) event was organized at which spouses of the brethren, non-masons and prospective masons were invited.

W. Bro. G. Richard Gould, the Worshipful Master gave a talk on Freemasonry.

The topics covered included  an explanation of what Freemasonry is and is not(emphasising that it is not a secret society), introduction of  Offices and Officers of the Lodge, the difference between Freemasonry and other organisations, a brief history of Freemasonry,  what does Freemasonry do, and the procedure and qualifications for admission into Freemasonry.

W. Bro. Devidas V. Borkar, the Lodge Secretary gave an overview of the ranks and regalia at the Lodge, Regional Grand Lodge and Grand Lodge level and the progress of a Freemason in the organization.

A question-answer session was also held where the questions and doubts of the guests were addressed.

After the presentation, all brethren, ladies and guests attended the Festive Board at which a short audio-visual giving the point of view of a new young Freemason was shown.

At the Festive Board, a cultural evening with a Karaoke DJ, excellent fellowship and a sumptuous dinner graciously sponsored by W. Bro. Jayantilal C. Patel in celebration of his 75th Birthday and 50th Wedding Anniversary concluded the evening's programme of interaction with non-masons and prospective candidates.  

Spouses of the Brethren of the Lodge, friends and a few probable candidates attended the White Table event, which was appreciated by all.