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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Bro. Godfrey Richard Gould Installed In The Eastern Chair of Lodge Gomantak, And V. W. Bro. Prakash Gaunekar Presented With 25-Year Long-Term Service Jewel in a Twin Ceremony

The Twin Ceremony of the 33rd Annual Installation of Lodge Gomantak No. 248 and presentation of 25- year Long Term Service Jewel was held on Sunday, 2nd February, 2014, at Jai Kieran Hall, Ramnathi, Goa.

Bro. Godfrey Richard Gould was ceremoniously placed in the Chair of King Solomon by W. Bro. Pankaj V. Saraf, Past Master of the Lodge.

The Lodge had the privilege of the gracious presence of R.W. the Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India, R.W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj at the ceremony. R.W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj also delivered the address to the incoming W. Master.

W. Bro. G. Richard Gould then appointed and invested his Officers for the year 2013-14.

After the ceremony of Installation, the Lodge was thrown open to ladies and non-masons in an open house ceremony for the presentation of 25 years Long Term Service Jewel to V. W. Bro. Prakash T. Gaunekar, P.Dy.R.G.M., G.Br. V.S.L., P.G.D of C.

R.W. the Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India, R.W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj presented the Jewel and Certificate to V.W. Bro. Prakash T. Gaunekar on behalf of M.W. the Grand Lodge of Free, Ancient and Accepted Masons of India.

W. Bro. Devidas V. Borkar felicitated the recipient on behalf of the brethren, and V. W. Bro. Prakash Gaunekar responded warmly to the feliciatation.

Mrs. Pushpa Gaunekar as well as family member and friends of V. W. Bro. Prakash Gaunekar witnessed the open ceremony.

Mrs. Hilary Gould, spouse of the Incoming W. Master, who is herself a Freemason in England, also
witnessed the open ceremony.

The twin ceremonies were attended by brethren of Lodge Gomantak in large numbers.

Visiting brethren from the Region as well as from abroad also attended the twin ceremonies.

These included  Bro. Austin Ellis (Salfire #1505 UGLE) W. Bro. Jason Malseed (Ostrea #8209 UGLE), W. Bro. Dennis S. Matthews (Belvedere #2505UGLE), W. Bro. M. C. Thakkar, ARGM (Lyons Cent#274), V. W. Bro. P. A. Singala (Lyons Cent#274), W. Bro. Yashkaran Singh (Dharwad#54), W. Bro Ujjval Joshi, ARGM (KML#325),

W. Bro. Dr. Navin Mankavi, Ruling Master of Lodge Dharwad#54, W. Bro. Vishal Chirania, , Ruling Master of Lodge of Goodwill #5 Bellari, W. Bro. Yashkaran Singh (Dharwad#54), W. Bro.Jayakar B. Malliah, , Ruling Master of  KML#325, W. Bro. Dr. V. G. Govekar (Victoria#9), W. Bro. S. V. Kittur (Victoria#9),W. Bro. J. K. Mehta (Victoria#9), V. W. Bro. A. G. Saraff (Victoria#9), W. Bro. D. B. Masur (Dharwad#54),

W. Bro. D. P. Dayanand (Dharwad#54), W. Bro.O. S. Mudareddi,  (Dharwad#54), W. Bro. Dr. H. L. Mankavi (Dharwad#54), W. Bro. C. V. Angadi (Dharwad#54), W. Bro. Ramesh Nikam (Dharwad#54), W. Bro. C. M. Aiyappa (KML#325), W. Bro. R. Narayan Rao Jadhav (KML#325),  W. Bro. D. V. Nagmule (Lyons Cent#274), W. Bro. Mohan Hulkoti (Kritapura (#357) and many others.

The evening ended with a festive board and fellowship which included a cultural programme and was enjoyed by all.

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