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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Universal Brotherhood Day with Shanti Avedana, Loutulim, Goa

Lodge Gomantak No.248 celebrated Universal Brotherhood Day on 24th June, 2012 at the Goa Branch of Shanti Avedana, a Hospice for terminally ill cancer patients.

Brethren of the Lodge, along with their families, interacted with the sisters and voluntary workers running the hospice and the patients at the facility.

Hospital supplies and linen was presented to the Sister in charge of the hospice. An amount of Rs 8,000/- was also presented to the Sister in charge of the hospice to take care of the needs of the inmates.

After the visit to Shanti Avedana, members of Lodge and their families visited the site of the proposed Masonic Temple at Loutulim.

A family get-together was also organized as a part of the celebration of Universal Brotherhood Day. A prospective member of the Lodge was also invited to the visit to Shanti Avedana and the subsequent get-together to acquaint him with the brethren in the lodge and to give him a feel of the unity and brotherly atmosphere in the Lodge and the activities of the Lodge.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

A Second Lodge Meeting and Picnic at Candolim

For the second year in succession,  Lodge Gomantak No.248.planned an annual meeting-cum-picnic at Casa Dos Reis, Candolim, Goa, the residence of Brother Erle Brito.

Accordingly, 26th and 27th of May 2012 were special days for the Brethren of Lodge Gomantak No.248. On 26th evening, a regular meeting of the Lodge was held, combined with an overnight outing and picnic.

All precautions to secure and tyle the hall and to ensure privacy were taken and special dispensation for holding the meeting was obtained from the Secretary, RGL.

Six brethren of the Lodge, who are senior citizens, contributed towards the cost of fellowship and banquet. After the meeting, The W. Master felicitated these brethren and presented them with mementos as a fraternal token of appreciation.

The family members were familiarized with the basic philosophy of Freemasonry. Variety entertainment by brethren and their family members, fellowship and dinner concluded the evening.

The next morning, Bro. Erle Brito gave all interested members lessons in photography, archery and rifle shooting, which brethren and their children found very interesting.

Many members with their families visited Candolim beach, adjacent to the venue of the meeting. They departed in the early evening after a sumptuous lunch.