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Tuesday 9 June 2015

Mark Lodge Gomantak No. 153 Consecrated W. Bro. Madhukar C. Thakkar Installed as Founder Worshipful Master

The newly formed Mark Lodge Gomantak No 153 was ceremoniously consecrated and constituted at Highland Beach resort, Candolim, Goa on Saturday, 6th June 2015 at 9.30 A.M. in a very solemn and impressive ceremony. 

Twenty-six brethren from Goa, Belgaum, Hubli and Dharwad had petitioned to the Grand Lodge of  Mark Masons of India for starting a Mark Lodge in Goa, and the petition was acceded to by the M. W. The Grand Mark Master. Accordingly, it was decided to have the consecration of the lodge on the occasion of the Especial Communication of the Grand Lodge of India to be held in Goa on 6th June 2015. 

M.W. Bro. Vasudev Jamnavihar Masurekar, M.W. the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Master Masons of India was the Consecrating Officer and was ably assisted by R. W. Bro. Arvind Prasad Chitra as I.P.M. and Installing Officer, R.W. Bro. S. K. Chibber as S.W., R.W. Bro. V. Kesava Rao as J.W, V. W. Bro. Subhash Chawla as Chaplain and V. W. Bro. R. Rajeev Raj as D.O.C. and R. W. Bro. V. K. Gupta as Secretary.

First a Casual Lodge of Mark Master Masons was opened and then Mark Lodge Gomantak No. 153 was ceremoniously consecrated and constituted according to ancient custom in a very impressive manner by the Consecrating Officer. V. W. Bro. Subhhash Chawla gave the oration.

W. Bro. Madhukar Chatrabhuj Thakkar was then ceremoniously installed as the Founder Master by R.W. Bro. Arvind Prasad Chitra, R. W. the Regional Grand Mark Master of the Regional Grand Mark Lodge of Southern India. 

Bro. Subhash Malkarneker was elected Founder Treasurer and W. Bro. Suhas Ganachary Tyler of the Lodge.

The W. Master then appointed and invested the following Founding Officers of the Lodge:
I.P.M                                                               V. W. Bro. Praful A. Singala
S.W.                                                                Bro. Devidas V. Borkar
J.W.                                                                 Bro. Prakash Gaunekar
M.O.                                                                Bro. Yazdi E. Shroff
S.O.                                                                 Bro. Pankaj V. Saraf
J.O.                                                                  Bro. Prasad D. Borkar
Chaplain                                                          V.W. Bro. Sunil Morarka
Treasurer                                                         Bro. Subhash S. P. Malkarneker
Registrar of Marks                                          W. Bro. C. Nagaraju
Secretary                                                         W. Bro. Yashkaran Singh Lauly
Director of Ceremonies                                   W. Bro. Abhiman Bhalerao
S. D.                                                                Bro. Godfrey Richard Gould
Steward                                                           Bro. H. S. Patil
Steward                                                           Bro. Gururaj D. Naik.

Address to the W. Master was given by R. W. Bro. A. P. Chitra, to the Wardens by R. W. Bro. S. K. Chibber, to the Overseers By R. W. S. Thirugnanamurthy and to the brethren by R. W. Bro. V. Kesava Rao.

The Founder W. Master W. Bro. M. C. Thakkar, R.W. Bro. A. P. Chitra, R. W. The Regional Grand Master and M. W. Bro. V. J. Masurekar, M.W. the Grand Master then addressed the brethren.

M. W. Bro. Vasudev J. Masurekar, M.W. the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Masters of India and R.W. Bro. A. P. Chitra, R. W. The Regional Grand Mark Master of the Regional Grand Mark Lodge of Southern India were elected Honorary Members of Mark Lodge Gomanatak No. 153.

Founder members attending the ceremony were presented with Founder Member Jewels.

The consecration ceremony was attended by Masons from all over the country, including two past RGM's, all the four ruling  RGM'S, the Grand Master elect and the Grand Master. All the Petitioners felt proud at the unique distinction of having, probably for the first time, all the RGM's, the Grand Master elect and the Grand Master  present for the consecration of any Lodge in India.

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