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Friday, 27 June 2014

Universal Brotherhood Day with Shanti Avedna, Loutulim, Goa

Lodge Gomantak No.248 celebrated Universal Brotherhood Day on 24th June, 2014 at the Goa Branch of Shanti Avedna, a Hospice for terminally ill cancer patients. Brethren of the Lodge, along with their families, interacted with the sisters and voluntary workers running the hospice and the patients at the facility. The august presence of W. Bro. Yazdi E. Shroff, ARGM of the area and member of Lodge Gomantak No. 248 added colour to the visit.

Hospital supplies and medicines were presented to the Sister in charge of the hospice. Three air beds were also presented to the Sister in charge of the hospice for the use of the inmates. W. Bro. Durganand Sawardekar, a senior brother of the Lodge also donated medicines and cash to the hospice. He also personally interacted with the patients. The total value of the charity is around Rs. 25000/-.

In his remarks, W. Bro. G. Richard Gould, the W. Master lauded the good work being done by the sisters who managed the hospice and expressed the pleasure of the brethren of Lodge Gomantak for the opportunity to do their bit to assist them in alleviating the sufferings and making bearable and happy the last moments of the patients. It was also suggested that Lodge Gomantak in particular and Freemasons of India in general would be pleased to assist in any permanent project of the hospice.

The Sister in charge of the hospice thanked the brethren of Lodge Gomantak for their generosity and concern. She expressed regret that many patients in need of the services provided by the hospice did not seek admission either due to ignorance or to the social stigma attached to the disease, and suggested that brethren of Lodge Gomantak could try to educate the public in this regard.  The W. Master suggested to the brethren to use social networking and similar media to pass the message.

After the visit to Shanti Avedna, members of Lodge had a get-together as a part of the celebration of Universal Brotherhood Day. Fellowship and Dinner concluded the day’s proceedings.

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